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We have all forgotten our bags on occasion, and it does happen. Feel that guilt at the checkout when you realize you don't have yours and accept yet another plastic bag? ...yah, not a great feeling. Our NoNo Bags were specifically designed to help you not forget yours, but here are some additional tips that may help even the most forgetful shoppers. We’ve even recently just learned the last tip listed – technology is amazing!

  • Always start your shopping list with ‘bags’ so you remember to bring them with you when you shop.
  • Put your reusable bags back in your car or bag after you unpack your shopping so they are ready for next time. If you own two cars, keep bags in both cars. NoNo Bags can even tie around your purse strap so it's always on you.
  • Hang them somewhere convenient, like your key hook or near your front door.
  • Always keep one in your handbag for the quick duck into the supermarket.
  • Try sewing or knitting your own reusable tote bags. Then you’ll be so eager to show them off that you won’t forget them!
  • If you remember you’ve forgotten your reusable bags while your shopping, put your trolley aside and duck out to the car. After losing your place in line a few times you will start to remember those bags!
  • Go Kroger style, pack everything back into your cart (bagless) and load into the bags when your back at the car. I’ve seen people do this!
  • Forget the reusable bags altogether and keep/take a wicker or laundry basket in your car boot to transfer the groceries into from the shopping cart.
  • If you pop in at a relative or friends place on the way home and have a small amount of shopping with you that needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer, put your keys in the fridge or freezer with the goods. Great if you stay longer than expected! 
  • Have different colored bags for particular products, ie a green bag for produce, red bag for meat and another color for household items.
  • Put a note on your dashboard, “don’t forget bags!”
  • NOW, if you have an iPhone you have “reminders” which you can set to alert you when you “arrive” at a location. ie say “Hey Siri, remind me when I get to Krogers (and say your suburb) to remember my shopping bags”. Go into location settings in the reminder to check that it’s the correct location.

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June 05, 2021


Rebecca Gardner
Rebecca Gardner

May 12, 2021

I like your suggestion to write “bags” on our shopping list to help us remember to bring our reusable ones with us. My husband and I have agreed to start using reusable grocery bags since we want to be more sustainable to help the Earth. I’ll have to use your advice to get into the habit of bringing the bags with me to the store!

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