At Flying Squirrel Outfitters we love the outdoors! We are dedicated to bringing you the best, most consciously made products possible to enjoy in nature. We also want you to feel good buying from us knowing your purchase goes to support women in rural Thailand.

Each hammock is carefully handmade in the very home of the creator. When purchasing through us you know who, where, and how your hammock was made. No mass factory production or child labor, all handmade with love.

New to hammocking? Its super easy to comfortably enjoy an FSO hammock. All your need to get started is a hammock and a set of suspension straps - a couple tress help as well. We promise to never sell you a hammock without a way to hang it, so all hammocks include hanging straps - WIN!

Learn which hammock is right for you.

Suspension system: All hammocks include carabiners (except the UltraWing that uses S-hooks for trimming weight) that have a sufficient strength rating. But a pair of tree straps—your suspension system—is often purchased separately with other brands. FSO includes hammock straps with the purchase of every hammock, always. We use 1 inch wide polypro webbing so they won’t strip tree bark and is generally more tree friendly. We advise not using rope on trees.

Our unique Double Sided Pouch design allows you to set up your hammock in seconds. Attach one end to one straps, open the other end pulling out the entire hammock with a SNAP of the wrist! This allows you to never let your hammock touch the ground!

No hammock stand needed with an FSO hammock, although our doubles fit nicely with most standard 10ft hammock stands.

"How to Hang" Best Practices: