I’m new to hammocking. What do I need to get started?

All our hammocks come with a set of carabiners or S hooks and webbing straps. Our hammocks work best with our suspension system so all you need for the basic set up is your choice of hammock and your on your way!

How do I wash my FSO Hammock?

We recommend either machine washing your hammock in a front loading washer or hand washing your hammock.

If you are going to machine wash your hammock we recommend first removing the carabiners (no need to untie any knots), then washing on cool in a front load washer (no agitator) on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent (like Woolite or Dreft), or a gear wash.

If you are going to hand wash your hammock, we recommend using a bucket, sink, or bath tub with the same type of detergents listed above.

Do not put the hammocks in the dryer. Hang or lay flat to dry.

How do I use and care for my FSO Hammock?

Check your gear before each use to ensure it is in good, working condition. Safety first!

UV damage causes your FSO Hammock to fade in color and become brittle which will lead to tearing. Do not leave your hammock out of doors year round but keep it “so fresh and so clean” by storing it in its attached stuff sack in a cool, dry space when not in use.

In set up, make sure your straps are securely wrapped and the carabiners are closed. Sit slowly in your hammock to make sure your hang is secure. Hang your hammock no more than 18″ (inches) off the ground. Please see our How To Hang video below for details.

While hammocking, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i.e. pocket knives, car keys, necklaces of teeth and/or stilettos.

Remember: using any hammock carries inherent risk. Accidents happen. Use with caution.

What is the difference between the DoubleWing and the UltraWing?

Both hammocks are made from the same nylon material and has the adjustable pouch. The main difference is in the width and length of each hammock, and the UltraWing comes with S Hooks for extreme lightweight, and the DoubleWing comes with carabiners

The UltraWing is best for one!

The DoubleWing is designed for two, but is real real nice for one :)

How do I hang the hammock, webbing straps, and adjust the size?

Please reference the How To Hang video here.

You basically wrap around an anchor point (tree) and take the end with a lot of loops and thread it through the other end with one loop. Pull tight and wrap a few more times around the tree if necessary.

Ideally you want your hammock to hang at a 30 degree angle.

Will FSO hammocks fit on a standard hammock frame?

All our hammock sizes are under 10′ feet long, so as long as your frame is around 10-11' feet, it will fit.

Are FSO hammocks breathable?

All our hammocks are made of porous, breathable nylon taffeta. This breathable quality lends itself to a cool, comfortable hammock experience.