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Positive Purpose

Purchasing an FSO hammock directly supports our continued efforts to grow sustainable economic opportunities in small villages across Northern Thailand. Each meticulously handcrafted hammock is made in the very homes of our seamstresses, where they earn a high living wage, with no set working hours, and the ability to more easily meet familial and community needs from home.

We operate in small garment manufacturing villages in Northern Thailand, where seamstresses generally work in factories that recognize the minimum wage laws. However, some women are physically unable to work in a factory, or simply can’t leave home each day for 10+ hours. Some local garment manufacturers will hire stay-at-home seamstresses knowing they can pay exceptionally low wages almost unnoticed – sometimes paying 8 cents per of pants sewn, well below Thailand's legal minimum.

Women and their families deserve a chance at comfortable living wages. FSO exists to break this cycle of limited opportunity, and empower communities through sustainable job creation. Hammock making has become a growing source of income for our team of seamstresses, and with your help we can continue to grow these opportunities for more women and their families.

So please…