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Flying Squirrel Outfitters is an outdoor lifestyle brand working to empower women and their families by simply helping the world relax! 

Our hammocks are made in small garment manufacturing villages in Northern Thailand, where seamstresses generally work in factories that recognize the minimum wage laws. However, some women are physically unable to work in a factory, or simply can’t leave home each day for 10+ hours. Some local garment manufacturers will hire "stay-at-home-seamstresses" knowing they can pay exceptionally low wages almost unnoticed – sometimes paying 8 cents per of pants sewn, well below Thailand's legal minimum.

The women that have suffered the hands of exploitative business practices are the very professionals we seek to join our team!

Our team of seamstresses make products from the comfort of their home, with no set working hours, earning a much higher living wage than alternative work, and with a better focus on work/life balance.  Additionally, our products are meticulously handmade with love and care, priding ourselves on superior craftsmanship as a cottage style vendor, and avoiding mass factory production. 

We are literally making products that elevate lives!

Our Core Values:

Empowerment: Women and their families deserve a chance at fair wages and an alternative to exploitative business practices within the garment industry. Sustainable job creation is a method to help empower families to break the cycle of poverty and limited opportunity. 

Positive Purpose, We are driven to create sustainable impact in the communities that make our products. We believe: Do right by your people, and your people will do it right. We also strive to create more transparency within the garment industry to help bring awareness to consumers and empower them to make more informed purchasing decisions. It's time to stir up the pot, people!

Quality:We will never compromise our commitment to unparalleled quality. We have an advantage being the manufacturer of our brand, paying closer attention to the details, and with a focus on superior craftsmanship as a cottage vendor.

Deliver Wow Through Service:We strive to go above and beyond for the people that help make this all happen!

Outdoors:Life is happier and healthier outdoors...get outside! Our products force people to go outside and enjoy the world around them, all while leaving a minimal footprint on our beautiful planet.

Come join The Scurry today!



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