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Are you ready to go big? FSO’s signature hammock, the Basecamp, is the largest hammock on the market! It was created specially to bring us together with loved ones and slow life down a notch.

The daily grind and the stresses that 2020 has brought us so far is enough to make us neglect our playful side; and playfulness is a vital component to a long and happy life! There are many ways for adults to get in touch with their playful inner child, so find something that suits your personality – it could be playing a sport, making art, laughing hard with friends, or dancing alone in your living room. Basecamp is one more way to add playfulness and joy to your life, and it’s made to be shared with others, both adults and children alike.

Basecamp is easy to pack with you on a day trip or to an event. Incredibly durable and adjustable straps make it hangable in any place, as long as it’s high off the ground so it won’t scrape the fabric when people are in it. Please check out our useful video for pro hanging tips! Like all of our hammocks, the super lightweight material packs into a small carry bag with a handle. It can hold up to 3 people, or 600 pounds, and packs up in about one minute flat.

Why get a Basecamp instead of a normal hammock? Because Basecamp is a showstopper! It’s a fantastic way to add fun to the party and will bring smiles and laughs to any event. It is a one-of-a-kind product that only FSO offers, and there are not many on the market. Let’s not forget that it provides you with some impressive photo opportunities! If you want to bring a unique experience to your event, or simply relax on a Sunday and with a couple pals, it’s the ideal toy.  

What is it good for?



Family gatherings

Kids parties

Wedding reception

Camping trip

Fundraisers and charity events


A day at the park

Housewarming party

A straight up Saturday night party


Get outside and play with a Basecamp!

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